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The Genealogy Society of Norway has a collection of categorized links to genealogical resources in Norway, called GENRESS, the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, with over 500,000 links.

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Genealogical resources in Norway

If you’re searching for kin in a specific area, or for information on a certain topic and are not sure where to start, this collection of links could be a great help.

Most of the collection consists of genealogical resources within Norway. You’ll find a list of resources, indexed by county and municipality, and then by category. You’ll find links to village histories (also called bygdebooks), parish records, censuses and military records, down to the local administrative area level. Access to some resources is restricted to Genealogy Society members who are logged on to the site. Some book links have information about persons who have this resource and are willing to perform look-ups for others.

There is a short paragraph for each county and municipality with some historical facts about the administration, and information about the respective town’s division into parishes. So this may help you when you’re searching for the correct district or parish.

Other categories

You’ll also find the following categories:

  • Genealogical resources abroad, indexed by country
  • Help for beginners
  • Archives, libraries and museums
  • Antiquarian bookshops and other bookshops, newspapers, libraries etc.
  • Migration to and from Norway, Europe and North America
  • Information about Norwegians at war
  • Digitized books and articles of interest to genealogists

Voluntary effort

Our collection of resources is based on voluntary effort. Within each category there is a button where users can suggest new links or report a broken link. We are grateful for your feedback.

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