How to join Norway’s largest family history society

Are you interested in family history research, and would like to learn more about where your Norwegian ancestors came from? As a member of the Genealogy Society of Norway, you will find the knowledge and inspiration to delve into your own family history.

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Yes, I would like to join!

Membership in the Genealogy Society of Norway costs 550 NKR per year (approximately 67 USD or 55 GBP) 

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Membership benefits

  • Full access to all the resources and databases on our website.
  • The Slekt og Data magazine in your mailbox four times a year.
  • The opportunity to participate in meetings, lectures and genealogy courses.

Knowledge and good advice

When you begin your research, you’ll probably discover how easy it can be, but also that it isn’t possible to find out everything. A lot of information is available, but maybe not where you expected, nor in the form you expected. As a member, you will learn where and how you can search in source records, how you can organize your findings and how you can cross-check and validate the results of your research. And, of course, you will be inspired to continue an exciting journey back into your own family history.

Part of a community both locally and online

As a member of Norway’s largest society for genealogists, you will become part of a knowledgeable community with over 10,000 others who share your interest in family history, and who can help you in your search for your own roots. All members belong to a district branch of their own choice, and in addition there are many local group activities where you may participate.

Courses, lectures and activities in your district

The district branches of the society and local subgroups arrange various courses, lectures and meetings over the whole country. Here you can find help in your research, learn more and exchange experiences with others who share your interests.

Learn more and meet others who are also interested in genealogy

How many meetings and what type of activity can vary in the different district branches. Follow our calendar, so you can find out what is happening and when. You are welcome to visit any branch when you are in Norway.

Membership magazine four times a year

The society’s journal is called «Slekt og Data», (literally «Kin and computers», the same name as the society) and is published four times a year. This magazine will teach you and inspire you with relevant information about family history research in Norway and genealogy generally. This magazine is for and about our members. And members can download all the previous issues of the magazine from our website.

Illustration: Front pages of magazines 3 and 4 published in 2016.

Local membership magazines

Several branches of the society publish their own journals with local material and records which are relevant for anyone with family or ancestors in the area.

Full access to our website

The website of the Genealogy Society of Norway contains useful articles, information about family history research, databases, collections of links to useful sites, and a message board where you can get answers to your questions. There are useful suggestions for both beginners and experienced researchers. Another benefit is that you can contact others who are researching the same roots and exchange information with them.

  • Slektsforum is the Norwegian name of our family history message board, which is one of Norway’s largest. Are you stuck, do you need help to decipher a parish record in Gothic script, or are you searching for a relative? Then you can post a message on one of our message boards and get help from other family history researchers. Or you could look to see if anyone else has posted a similar query.
  • Gravminner  (our large database of gravestone inscriptions) is an important source of information about relatives in the last century, when access to censuses and parish records is restricted due to privacy legislation.
  • Full access to Norway’s largest and most comprehensive collection of genealogy links.

Free membership in our sister organization in Denmark

As a member of the Genealogy Society of Norway, you are entitled to free membership in Slægt og Data Denmark. Or if you are already a member of the Danish society, you can have free membership in the Genealogy Society of Norway. Our reciprocal agreement gives members full benefits in both countries, except the Danish membership magazine which is not sent by ordinary mail, but can be freely accessed online from their website In order to log onto the Danish Slægt og Data with your Norwegian membership, follow the steps below:

  1. First you have to click on Ny bruger to register as a new user and fill out your details (full name, user name and email address).
  1. Secondly, you must send an email to Ekspedisjonen and let them know the user name you selected and your membership number in the Genealogy Society of Norway.


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