Birth year of Anlaug Halvorsd, 2nd wife of Olav Gjermundson

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Birth year of Anlaug Halvorsd, 2nd wife of Olav Gjermundson

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Is Anlaug Halvorsdatter, 2nd wife of Olav Gjermundson from Nipen, the same person as Anlaug, daughter of Halvor Eivindson & Asgjerd Gunleiksdatter ?
Telemark county, Seljord, Parish register (official) nr. I 7 (1755-1800), Chronological list 1765, page 39. ... x_side=-40

I find various genealogies on the web listing (Olav Gjermundson's wife) Anlaug as having a birth year of 1773. I find no Seljord records listing an 1773 Anlaug Halvorsd, but several records for an Anlaug Halvorsd born circa 1765.

Beside the 1765 birth record, there are several other Seljord records with a Anlaug Halvorsdatter born ~1765:
Age 26 in the 1801 Census: ... 1265#nedre
Age 49 widow, in the 1815 Seljord Census, with a (mis-transcribed?) age 16 Even Ols.(should be age 6?): ... 2707#nedre
Age 73 burial record in 1848, for an Anloug Halvorsdatter Hegstøl:
Telemark county, Åmotsdal in Seljord, Parish register copy nr. III 1 (1815-1849), Death and burial records 1848, page 121. ... _side=-122

Having Even at age 45 would be less likely than at age 37. Other than that, the evidence I see points to her birth in 1765. Am I missing something?


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