Dalen in Folldal Bygdebok

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Dalen in Folldal Bygdebok

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Anders Siversen of Dahlen and Ragnild Siversdatter of Dahlen were married 29 Jun 1759 at Folldal:
I have not been able to find the baptism records of Anders Siversen or where he was from. Ragnild Siversdatter was born 4 Feb 1737 at Dalen and baptized at Dovre on 17 Mar 1737: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/view/9236/44791/47 Her parents were Siver Pedersen and Marit Iversdatter. Her parents had four other daughters and Siver Pedersen and Marit Iversdatter both died at Dalen. The last recording I find of Anders Siversen and Ragnild Siversdatter is in the 1763 extra tax at Folldal: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/view ... ?indexing= There is a Ragnild Siversdatter who is a widow in the 1801 census at Dombaas in Lesja. She is the exact age as my ancestor and wonder if this could be her: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/en/census ... 8250001636 Any information regarding Anders Siversen and Ragnild Siversdatter, perhaps from the Folldal bygdebok, would be very much appreciated.


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