Norge - Port Richmond, Philadelphia, USA. Mytteri, 1919

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Norge - Port Richmond, Philadelphia, USA. Mytteri, 1919

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Philadelphia Inquirer. Lørdag 19 juli 1919, vol 181, s 9:

Hold Six For Mutiny
Allege Sailors on Norwegian Ship Have Refused to Obey Orders

Charged with mutiny, six seamen of the Norwegian ship Anna Sophia were arraigned before United States Commissioner Howard M. Long yesterday.
The men, Jule Jacobsen, Christian Beck, Karl Fersgen, Haldden Johnsen, Siegurd Jensen and Karl Gabrielstn, it is alleged by the Norwegian vice consul, Christian Moe, refused to obey the orders of the ship's officers in taking on cargo at Port Richmond.
Warrants were issued and the men arrested by Deputy Marshals Kelly and McCaffery. It was stated at the hearing that the prisoners had been persuaded by longshoremen to leave the vessel in order to get work in this country at higher wages.
The custody of the men was given to the vice consul, who directed they be held pending instructions from his government.

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