Harald Oskar Andersen

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Harald Oskar Andersen

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Hello, my name is Kathy Callaghan and I live in New Zealand. I hope that you can speak English as I can not speak Norwegian. I was the person requesting information about Harald Oskar Andsersen. He is my grandfather. I appreciate you posting information and giving the links. I am intersted in comments by Villy Ruud in regard to Harald's mother Karen Dorthea becoming a widow and also moving to Nittedal. Can you give me the link for where you found your information please. Thank you.

Geir Dybvig
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Re: Harald Oskar Andersen

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http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?i ... _side=-138

Right page , nr. 8 is her moving from Nannestad to Nittedal.

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Re: Harald Oskar Andersen

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Thank you very much. I am having my first visit to Norway July 2010 to meet my Norwegian family for the first time. This information is very valuable. I would love to know when and where Karen Dorthea Kristoffersen died and was buried. When my grandfather Harald Oskar Andersen left Norway in 1903 he did not see his family again and I would like to visit his mother's grave if it still exists. Thank you again. Kathy

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Re: Harald Oskar Andersen

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Hello Kathy, I have spoked to Magnar and found some more information about Karen Dorthea.
In 1910 she was at Rud farm in Nitedal, householder by Johannes Johannesen, father of one of her earlier children

Johannes Johannesen 1848 Lørenskogen hf e Gaardbruker b
Knut Johannesen !!.01.13 Skedsmo s ug Sysselsat med landbruksarbeide b
Jens Johannesen 1887.03.17 Skedsmo s ug Sysselsat med landbruksarbeide b
Kristian Johannesen 1889.10.29 Nittedalen s ug Sysselsat med landbruksarbeide b
Karl Johannesen 1892.03.11 Nittedalen s ug Søn b
Lydia Johansdatter 1900.07.05 Kristiania Sønnedatter ug b
Dorthea Kristoffersdatter 1850.10.16 Nannestad tj e Husholderske b

Villy Ruud

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Re: Harald Oskar Andersen

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Hello Villy, Thank you very much for that information. I appreciate the time you have taken to find out what happened to my family. We do not know when Karen Dorthea died. Is there a way of finding that out? It is very hard in New Zealand to find information about people until 100 years and perhaps it is the same in Norway. I am learning a lot about how to research in Norway but the language is always a barrier.

As you know we had a very exciting meeting with the family in July. It was the most wonderful feeling. I saw people who looked like my father and grandfather but also who looked like me!

One day perhaps we will find living family of Karen's other children Johanne Mathilde and Johan Albert.

Any information you find is appreciated by both family in New Zealand and Norway.
Thank you. Kathy

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Re: Harald Oskar Andersen

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Hello Kathy
Your grandfather Harald Oscar Andersen from Slattumseiet in Holter had two children with Anna Otilie Edvardsdatter who was living/working at Elton in Holter parish of Nannestad at that time, and at Nordby in 1900, as milkmaid and servant
Marie Karoline Haraldsen, born at Eltoneiet September 5, 1901 AND Johan Oskar Haraldsen, born at Eltoneiet November 1, 1902. Harald Oskar was a a sailor at that time, but his last address was in Christiania, or Oslo. Harald never married Anna Otilie, but she married Albert Johansen in 1905 and had two more children with him, but the two children with Harald Oskar were raised as foster children at two different farms, one at Elton and one at Harstad in Holter, Nannestad.
You can find this recorded in the Nannestad Family Forest and I would like to include your NZ family line to his descendants (privacy for living persons is respected, of course).
Tore Bjerkek, Ontario, Canada

Leif Bjørn Mathiesen
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Re: Harald Oskar Andersen

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Hello Kathy.

Karen Dorothe was also discussed here. (unfortunately only in Norwegian.)
https://slektsforum.slektogdata.no/view ... hp?t=87881

Inger found out that Karen Dorothea died in 1930 - Oct. - 1
She had changed her last name to Slattum.

Here is the link to the church records.
Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?i ... _side=-150
Leif B.


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