Arvin Stanley Rege

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Arvin Stanley Rege

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I am trying to find the birth record for Arvin Stanley Rege. I have listed that he was born in 1910. His Mother was Serene Emilie Bertelsdtr. b. 1880 and Father Andreas Enevaldsen Rege b. 1883. My records say that they lived in Tanager. I have tried looking through the records for Haland, Sola for that period but couldn't find him. I found his death record in 1924, saying that he was born in 1910, but doesn't give where. Can anyone help track him down for me.

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Re: Arvin Stanley Rege

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Hallo Michael!

Arvin Stanley Rege

I found his death records for Haaland, Sola in 1924. ... _side=-215

I think he was born in Aberdeen, Washington.

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Re: Arvin Stanley Rege

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That Arvin was born in USA is most probably correct, his father Andreas emigrated to Washington April 22, 1905 (and probably returned after 1910) ... =7013#ovre

He was then unmarried, and Arvins mother Serine had already emigrated to California 3 weeks earlier, April 4th 1905. ... =6805#ovre

Serine was born on Rott (a small island by Tananger) December 18th 1880, her parents were Bertel Johan Nilsson (born 1853) from Rott and Berta Eliasdotter (born 1854) from Randaberg

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