What Special Characteristics do Some Types of Sharks Have?

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What Special Characteristics do Some Types of Sharks Have?

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All types of sharks have certain characteristics that they share while
some can be quite peculiar if not unique. For example, did you ever
wonder how experts identify positively the shark involved in a shark
The shape and size of the shark teeth are almost like fingerprints.
While the Great White shark has large triangular jagged teeth, the
Tiger shark has smaller and strong hook-shaped teeth capable of
crushing hard-shell preys such as turtles and crustaceans.
Another special characteristic or feature of certain types of sharks
is the fact that unlike most sharks, the Bull shark, the Nurse shark
and the Lemon shark do not need to move continuously to breath. In
fact, while they rest at the bottom of the ocean, they can breathe by
opening and closing their mouth which pumps the water through their
There are also special characteristics to some types of sharks such as
their method of reproduction. For example, not all sharks give birth
the same way. Some species like the Dogfish shark are oviparous which
means that this specie will lay eggs and attach them to seaweed or
rocks until they hatch and then fend for themselves....



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