Help please with translation of Response

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Help please with translation of Response

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Forfatter: Jørgen Thue Pedersen 9690
Dato: 31. mar 05 21:17

En lille finpudsning:

Faderen hedder altså her Kristian, ellers Christian.
Det tog man ikke så nøje, men man blandede det helst ikke med

15 de Sønd. eft. Trinit.
Kristian Abrahamsen og Hustrue Kirsten Andersdatter, en Datter
Giertrud Marie.
Fadd: Mariane Andersdatt., Maren Nielsdatt. Herreds-
vad, Jens Krattet, Stephan Nielsen Riishøj, Kristen (!altså en mand!)
Larsen Sneure. Introd. E: D:".



Hello. My name is Earl Sande, and my great foster grandfather was
Ludwig Nielsen Riishøj. I do not, unfortunately, read Danish. I
noticed "Stephan Nielsen Riishøj" on your note and wonder if there may
be a connection to my ancestor.

Ludwig was born in 1861, in Hjøring, was a blacksmith and possibly an
ordained minister, married to Marn (from Voer, in Hjøring). In 1901,
he, Marn, my grandfather Niels Peter Jurgensen, and another Riishøj
(named Niels or Chris and apparently unrelated), emigrated to Winnipeg
in Canada. He took out a homestead in Inwood, Manitoba and lived
there the remainder of his life.

Although Marn had two daughters before marrying Ludwig, he remained
childless. The two daughters remained in Denmark.

A second clue we have is a photograph of "Steffensminde", an old
farmhouse and farm owner that the photographer indicates Ludwig knew
well. Of the 4 Steffensminde in Denmark, the most logical one would
be in the Randers area and I await confirmation of this. I am
attaching a copy of the photograph for your information.

Unfortunately, I can trace that family no further back and I would
like to know more about Ludwig and his wife.

If somehow your person and mine are connected, I would most appreciate
corresponding with you.

Thank you for your help.

Earl Sande
10189 133 Street
Surrey, BC


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