Oluf Olsen ~1865-1913 from Stavanger to UK

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Oluf Olsen ~1865-1913 from Stavanger to UK

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Oluf Olsen ~1865-1913 from Stavanger

Hi all I am looking for the origins to of my GGF who came to the UK in the
late 1800s and married locally and was said to come from Stavanger.

He was Oluf Johan Olsen and was a merchant captain all his life finally
being lost with his ship of Newfoundland. If this sounds like it could fit
your one of your family I would be happy to compare notes

Best, jag

Geir Asle Myrestrand
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Re: Oluf Olsen ~1865-1913 from Stavanger to UK

Legg inn av Geir Asle Myrestrand » 10. august 2011 kl. 21.28

I am looking for a Oluf Johan Olsen [Syrdahl], that I have yet to find in any sources after 1879. The information I have for him is:

Birth: 16 Jan 1865 in Mandal
Baptism: 5 Feb 1865 in Mandal
Copper vaccination: 29 Aug 1865
1865 census: Living at Nygaden 3 in Mandal
1875 census: Living at Nyegade 3 in Mandal (same place)
Confirmation: 6 Apr 1879 in Mandal

I have reliable sources for all this information.
Both his father and brother were seaman/sailors/captains.

So except from Stavanger, then I think my man fits the description. It may also explain why I do not find him in the 1900 or 1910 censuses in Norway. In addition, there are some photos of people in the U.K. in the old family album. Also, family members have visited the U.K. on a couple of occasions.

It is over 6 years since your post, so I do not know if you ever get this reply --however, I will try to check to see if my Oluf Johan Olsen left for the U.K.


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