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Hello there!
I have been trying to figure out what to send. I know this is a lot of information, but perhaps there is a Norwegian out there searching for their family and my information matches. I would very much love to connect with family over there as those ties have been cut a few generations ago.

I don' have exact farms. I do know that my family is from Gran Hadeland. Hanson/Hansen/Dynna, Framstad and Slette are the families I am looking for.

Hanson/Hansen/Dynna family:
Possible churches are Opdal, Numedal, and Uvdal Stave church. This has not been confirmed from what I know.
My great-grandfathers surname was Hanson and his siblings spelled it Hansen. One brother did change his last name to Dynna, after the constituency he was from.

Parents- Hans and Marie (Hans would sign his letters "Herron Hans of Dynnagrina" Hans died March 18, 1915
From family letters it mentions that Hans was a shoemaker.

*Petter Dynna-
Born December 5, 1873- emmigrated to the United States, starting in South Dakota eventually ending up in Saskatchewan, Canada

*Karine Hansen-
Born about 1874?- Married Ole Nicolli Torgeson Ullevaag, had one child in Norway, Torval in 1897. Emmigrated to the United States, starting in South Dakota and ending up in Canada. Her daughter, Inga, lived in British Columbia, Canada

*Andrew Hanson (my great-grandfather)
Born September 28, 1878- emmigrated to the United States either in 1898 or at age 17. Started in South Dakota and ended up in Osage, Iowa. Married and had children in the States

*Marthe Hansen-
Born August 3, 1879, emmigrated to the United States at age 19. Started in South Dakota and died there in Canton. Married and had children in the States.

*Ingeborg Blisten- stayed in Norway
Born ? Died in 1950
Resided at Lunner Street, Hadland, Norway
Married Gudbrand, he died in 1928
Children- Gudbrand, lived in Oslo
Marie- married Ingvar Braastad

*Michael Hansen- stayed in Norway
lived in Strand, Roa Street, Hadland Norway
As of April 6, 1915, he was 24 years old
Perhaps worked for the state in Kristiana/Oslo
Married had 6 children, 3 boys, 2 girls (one named Anne Marie) and not sure the sex of the 6th child
as of September 9, 1945, 3 were married and 3 were single

*Ole- stayed in Norway
married Marte- no children
Mother lived with them after Hans died, was sick all winter lying in bed in 1921-1922

*Edward- not sure if he was a brother of theirs
Ingeborg Blisten mentions him in a letter and says he lost his wife and all of his children were married off.

I also think I found the family in the 1900 Norway Census. The children seem to match with what information I have and at that point, the four oldest would have already been in the United States. Ingeborg quite possibly would have been married at this point leaving Ole, Edward, and Michael at home. Hans' occupation and Michael's birth year seem to match with what I have too.

Framstad family

This is my great-grandmother's (Andrew Hanson's wife in the States)
They came over from Gran Hadeland as well. Their surname is Framstad.

Parents: Peder Larsen Framstad and Anne Gudbrandsdatter- married in Norway
Peder was born March 4, 1828
Anne was born March 10, 1821

*Gulbrand Pedersen- (this is my great-great grandfather)
born April 15, 1855, emmigrated to the United States with his parents at age 17
Married Dorthe Olsdatter Slette who came to the States at age 23.
She had a sister name Kari Hov (Carrie Hove?) that stayed behind in Norway. She was still alive in 1948 when Dorthe died.
Dorthe was born August 19, 1857 in Gran.
all of their children were born in the States, Peder, Kristine (my great grandmother), Anna C., Anna, Olga Louise, George Dan, Ole Henry, and Della


*Randi born May 21, 1857

Thank you again for looking this over and also for your time. I cannot express how thankful I am for how far I've come with what I know and knowing how far I still have.
My ultimate goal is to locate the exact churches and places my deceased family resided for a future visit to Norway as well as locating living distant relatives.

Many thanks,
Julia Maria Sustic; jmhanson2@liberty.edu
Kjell Helge Moe,

Torun Sørli
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Re: Dynna/Blisten/Framstad

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Kan hjelpe her, men må nok ha helga på meg. Kommer tilbake til saken.
Dersom hun får svar før jeg har nøstet i dette er det kjempefint, men jeg tar kontakt med henne.

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Re: Dynna/Blisten/Framstad

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Hun har fått hjelp av meg, men det er en del levende personer i det som hun har fått så det kan ikke legges ut her.


Geir Arne Myhrstuen

Torun Sørli
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Re: Dynna/Blisten/Framstad

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Så bra! Da har hun fått god hjelp!


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